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About Kahale Restorations

Eric and Misty met in 2009 and have been doing home renovation together ever since. We both have a love for designing efficient and alluring spaces that draw you in and make you feel at home.

In 1995, Eric earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University and went on to do IT Project Management, all the while doing home renovation projects at his own homes and helping family and friends with theirs.

In 2001, Misty earned her BS in Computer Science and went on to do program management for large scale payment systems. In her free time, Misty, worked with construction management mentors to learn home renovation and did her own home renovation projects.

When Eric and Misty met in 2009, they discovered they had a love of home renovation in common, as well as a background in project management, and our home renovation business was born! Together we’ve renovated dozens of houses. Everything from kitchens and bathrooms to siding, masonry, flooring, plumbing, electrical and everything else in between!

Because of our engineering and project management backgrounds, we understand the importance of delivering quality finishes on time and on budget. That’s why our moto is, “Home Renovation, Done Right.” You can count on us to deliver a quality renovation, done to industry standards, with quality and style.

Check out our gallery for photos of our projects to see our work.